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  1. The name Scarlett is a girl's name of English origin meaning "scarlet, red". Scarlett originated as an occupation surname, designating a person who sold scarlet, a luxury wool cloth produced in Medieval Europe. The word is thought to derive from the Arabic siklāt, referring to silks dyed with kermes. The fanciest, favorited color was scarlet red.
  2. scarlet definition: 1. bright red: 2. bright red: 3. (of) a bright red color. Learn more.
  3. The Scarlet And The Black. | CC. out of 5 stars 1, Prime Video $ $ 7. 99 to buy. Or $ with a Prime membership. Starring: Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer, John Gielgud, et al. Directed by: Jerry London The Scarlet Letter. |.
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    Scarlet definition is - scarlet cloth or clothes. How to use scarlet in a sentence.
  7. Jan 01,  · Scarlet follows where Cinder left off whilst also adding another character’s perspective into it: Scarlet Benoit. Scarlet’s story is a retelling of Little Red Riding hood set in France at the same time as Cinder’s timeline/5(K).
  8. Scarlet, written Scarlett in On the Way to a Smile, is an antagonist in Final Fantasy VII, who also appears in the prequel Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. She is the Head of Weapons Development in the Shinra Electric Power ceeenansocepkaimaijasifahgipasni.xyzinfo: 40 (born ).
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    A scarlet robe was in mockery placed on our Lord (Matthew ; Luke ). "Sins as scarlet" (Isaiah ), i.e., as scarlet robes "glaring and habitual." Scarlet and crimson were the firmest of dyes, and thus not easily washed out. These dictionary topics are from M.G. Easton M.A., D.D., Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Third Edition.
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