Leaving The Nest - Daniel Johnston - The Devil And Daniel Johnston (DVD)

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    Sep 13,  · Daniel gave these odd beasts of the soul the lullabies they needed. He gave credence to our secret visions and harmonized with our deepest fears, the things that make our hearts go bump in the night. Daniel Johnston made our world more interesting by letting us into his, until the two worlds blended and became stranger, weirder, more tender.
  2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a documentary film about American musician Daniel Johnston. It chronicles Johnston's life from childhood up to the present, with an emphasis on his experiences with bipolar disorder, and how it manifested itself in demonic self-obsession. The film was directed by Jeff Feuerzeig and produced by Henry S. Rosenthal.
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    Daniel Johnston, manic-depressive genius singer/songwriter/artist is revealed in this portrait of madness, creativity and love. — Anonymous Born January 22, , the late Daniel Johnston began expressing himself through art as a child while doctors struggled .
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    May 05,  · Daniel Johnston stars in this psychedelic short film about an aging musician coming to terms with the dreams of yesteryear. Director: Gabriel Sunday Stars: Daniel Johnston, Greg McLeod, Myles McLeod/
  5. The documentary film, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, tells the story of Daniel Johnston, a mentally ill artist whose drawings have been exhibited and sold worldwide; whose music has been recorded by Beck, Wilco, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Pearl Jam; and whose fans include the actor, Johnny Depp and Simpsons creator, Matt ceeenansocepkaimaijasifahgipasni.xyzinfosed with manic depression complicated by .
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  7. Sep 11,  · Daniel Johnston, the lo-fi singer-songwriter and visual artist who rose to underground fame in the ’80s, has died. According to a statement from his family, Johnston died of natural causes.
  8. Sep 12,  · When Daniel Johnston was about 19, he spent a lot of time making things in his parents’ West Virginia basement. He would draw creatures, film Super 8 .
  9. Daniel Johnston was born in in Sacramento (California), in a Catholic-Methodist family. At the age of eight he began to draw comics based on King Kong, Godzilla, the Bible and his cat. As a teenager he became interested in music: Bob Dylan, Neil Young, the Sex Pistols and, above all, the Beatles.
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