The Blunder Years - False Colours - Excess And Design (CD, Album)

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    How long shall we blunder along without the aid of unpartisan and authoritative scientific assistance in the administration of justice, no one knows; but all fair persons not conventionalized by provincial legal habits of mind ought, I should think, unite to effect some change.. learned hand — Parke, Davis & Co. v. H. K. Mulford Co. (). Tags: long, we, without, aid, unpartisan.
  2. Nov 14,  · I don't know about the Maxell colored CD-R's that the previous poster mentioned, but Memorex used to have colored CD-R's that were colored on the actual playing side. I used to buy a lot of them about 10 years ago when I was making mix cd's for myself. I think the only place I ever saw them were at Rite Aid. Don't know if they're still made.
  3. Colours is the fifth studio album by English boy band Blue, released on 6 March It marks the band's first release with Sony Music. The album features six original songs and four cover songs. The album's lead single "King of the World" premiered on 20 January Colours debuted at number 13 on the UK Albums Chart.
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